MTT Dave 3Pearce Hire have been focussing on developing young people to be the technicians and project managers of the future and have taken on a number of young people to take on and train with this in mind. As a result of this, recently Pearce Hire have promoted three people from the warehouse to full time technician roles. One of those is Dave Richardson who joined the team in 2013.

Before Dave joined Pearce Hire he was studying Music Technology at Peterborough Regional College – a college with whom Pearce Hire works closely on internship opportunities. He was also working as a freelance sound engineer at local venues and for local bands. His passion for live sound was inspired by his cousin who was also a sound engineer.

Dave is now a full time technician with Pearce Hire and works in the warehouse between shows prepping audio equipment. For him the best part of the job is the variety each day brings – no two days are ever the same. Although, as with so many in the industry, he can find the long hours challenging.

In the busy spring and summer seasons, Dave will very often be seen working on site at various outdoor festivals and events up and down the UK. To date his biggest achievement has been getting directly behind the sound desks on site and operating FOH. His favourite desk is the Yamaha QL5 – with its great sound and user-friendly layout. So far his favourite gig to have operated was the El Dorado Festival where he was able to show is skills on a Yamaha QL5 for the Boudoir Stage.

MTT Dave 1When he isn’t behind a sound desk, or working in the Pearce Hire warehouse, Dave is sporty and enjoys going to the gym and competing in a variety of sports.

The best piece of advice he has ever been given? “Work smarter, not harder. Don't lift things more often than you need to.” He always bears this in mind and never shies away from a challenge, is never put off as he strives to do the best he can and learn from any errors. Dave would always encourage any up and coming audio technicians to get as much experience behind a desk as possible as it is the best way to learn their craft.

Keep going Dave and thank you for all your hard work and commitment to your work for Pearce Hire!