Steve Hicks in the officeThis month we’d like to introduce you to Steve Hicks - the latest Project Manager to join the Pearce Hire team. Steve joined in November 2016, having previously worked at production company b+h for nearly 7 years as an audio engineer.

His industry career had started through his work with a local band, and as a stage hand at a local theatre whilst he was still at college. After college he worked on a couple of holiday sites – which was a steep learning curve turning around three bands a night every night of the week with fifteen minute changeovers and no sound checks, before taking the freelance route for a couple of years prior to joining b+h.

Throughout his career Steve has known and admired the work ethos of Pearce Hire and he is now delighted to be a fully-fledged member of the team. His job incorporates the management of all aspects of an event – working diligently with the client from the quoting phase right through to the delivery of the event, and the post event invoicing!

MTT Steve 1Steve loves a challenge and working under pressure - perfect attributes for a member of the busy Pearce Hire team - and is enjoying the opportunity to draw together all of his experience in the role of project manager. Over the past year he has relished expanding his knowledge of the power and lighting aspects of Pearce Hire’s work. With his background firmly in the audio sector, Steve recognises the importance for any project manager to have a good working understanding of all disciplines of an event to ensure that each client is offered the best service possible whilst bringing his extensive skill set to the new customers he is working with.

Steve has a love of all things Formula 1 which started early, growing up in awe of Damon Hill and quite often as a youngster he found himself shouting at the TV watching some of the battles with Michael Schumacher! Steve thinks it’s great to have such a successful British Champion in Lewis Hamilton and has been to Spa in Belgium and Monza in Italy to watch races.

But, as with many of us in the industry, he struggles with the concept of what free time is! Although the breadth of amazing industry events that Pearce Hire supplies is something he is looking forward to being involved in again this summer.

MTT Steve 4Steve says he loves the industry and one of his career highlights was mixing FoH at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of years ago at the Christmas Carol Concert for the Salvation Army. With a tight load in and set up time, the concert involved a brass band, two choirs, a worship band, a guest band and multiple speakers. Aside from the thrill of working at one of the most iconic venues in London, Steve says he loved the challenge of designing and implementing the Dante system for FoH, monitors and broadcast purposes which also received a full write up from manufacturer Yamaha – no mean feat!

So now to industry advice – Steve says that the best piece of advice he has ever been given is “if you think you know everything, you’re in the wrong job…”

And his words of wisdom in terms of career advice for anyone looking to enter this industry? “Be proactive, nobody else will progress your career for you. So, take every opportunity that comes your way”.

Wise words Steve – thank you!