oxford farmersPearce Hire provided a Rigging, Audio and Lighting solution for the 2012 Oxford Farmers Conference, held in the Oxford Examination Halls.

With a new brief from our client, Hawk Audio Visual, for 2012 we redesigned our ground support truss system. Due to a change in the set design we had to provide an additional truss behind the stage so the set could hang from the truss aswell as provide support for a revised lighting design.

Pearce Hire utilised our extensive stock of Prolyte H30V to create a 21m x 10m ground support structure at a height of 5m. The structure then allowed set, lighting, audio and projection equipment to be hung leaving the floor space clear to maximise the number of delegates the venue can hold.

The lighting design for the event included the usual generic coverage of the stage from Source 4 Profile Fixtures and Cyc Floods to provide a dimmable house light solution. In addition for 2012 the white set was lit with i-PIX BB4's from above and below, with small set panel's on the floor being lit with LED Floorcans.

Due to the unusual shape of the venue the audio design consisted of numerous smaller sources rather than a larger central source. For this we based the system around L-acoustics MTD115 XT Hi-Q's and MTD108's all powered from Lab Gruppen PLM10000Q amplifiers and controlled by a Yamaha M7CL.